Taekidokai Martial Arts Kiama

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54 Thomson St, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia


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Thursday 5:30 PM

Family Class all grades
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The Taekidokai difference

True Martial art

Taekidokai is a true Martial art, it is known for it's dramatic flying and spinning kicks, holds, throws and locks. The name is derived from japanese and means 'Way of the body and spirit'. It has evolved in the historic tradition of eastern culture, and the merging of over 45 years of martial art training has made for a fantastic school. It must be understood that studied in earnest, Taekidokai is more than a science of tactics and self defence, it is a discipline for perfecting the spirit.

New students

New students are very welcome and should wear clothes suitable for exercising – e.g – shorts, t shirt, track pants.. Given our friendly and encouraging learning environment, your child will be comfortable and assured, learning at their own pace, whilst staying active and keeping fit. Adult and Teens will have a mix of beginners and more advanced students, each doing your own particular level of techniques.


TKMA prides itself in making training as cost effective as possible. We offer a lifetime (not yearly) one of joining fee, with discounts for families wishing to start their TKMA training. Simple pay as you go training fees with no lock in contracts or direct debits. Simply choose from month to month which way you want to pay for your classes and train….. simple

Training Fees

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