Being completely honest, when I first began Taekidokai, I had no intention of training beyond a green belt. I had seen the red and black belt students training, and although I grew up playing high-level sports, as an adult, I feared even attempting advanced class. I was just there for fitness whilst my kids were also training.

However, somewhere along the way, the parts of Taekidokai that I feared became the parts I love the most.

To me , training in Taekidokai means that I’ve challenged myself to push past my own fears, I’ve built my own courage to work hard and grab this with both hands. Whilst I will always be on a journey at Taekidokai, learning and challenging myself in different ways, with a black belt becomes a symbol of the hard work (literally blood, sweat and tears) that goes in to achieving it. And nobody can ever take that away.

Mentally – it’s a symbol of a much bigger internal accomplishment. The people and the location of training become a place that grounded me.

As a mother – this is the part of achieving success that really means the most to me. Kids naturally look to follow the examples set by their parents. So not only having my kids on the floor training side by side but having them see me . . .

  • on the days when I didn’t feel like training, but I turned up anyway
  • when I was sick or injured, but I turned up anyway
  • when I was scared of sparring, advanced class, gradings, but I turned up anyway
  • when I really didn’t think I could do it, I turned up anyway

Hopefully I’ve shown them to keep turning up for life. Showing my kids that when they work hard, they can achieve hard things is the part of Taekidokai training that really means the most to me.

Taekidokai has become a bigger part of my family than I ever could have imagined when we first walked in for my very first class to see the Instructor training side by side with my son as a 5 year old, and I wouldn’t change a single step.

Kind Regards Denae


We’ve been training at Taekidokai for the last couple of years and were drawn to the fact that it struck the right balance between teaching serious martial arts and having fun. There is literally something for everyone. First my son joined, then I did, then my wife and now our four-year-old daughter!

Apart from being a great way to keep fit, it has now become something we do as a family, and we love every minute of it.

More importantly, there is such a great sense of community in the club that it actually feels like we have become a part of a much bigger family that encourages us to be healthy, stay strong and constantly improve ourselves, mentally and physically.

Dr Sumant (Monty) Badami

We have been training with Taekidokai Martial arts since 2009. In the beginning, my son and daughter were training on their own. There were a few occasions where one of the kids would come off the floor for some reason and I would have to talk them into going back on and continuing their training. On one of these occasions I decided to go out on the floor and train with them – It worked !

I signed up shortly after and have continued the journey through to passing my black belt grading almost 6 years later.

Taikidokai has helped give my family an improved outlook on fitness, discipline and respect for others and their training.

I’m proud to say that I am an Illawarra Instructor for Taikidokai, and to be associated with a family friendly, professional club

Renshi Brad Sheridan

Our family has been involved with TKMA since 2009.  My children and I have gained fitness and skills that we use in our everyday life such as respect and discipline.

TKMA has a broad sense of community and during the last 6 years, we have assisted this community minded club in many fund raising ventures.  For example, assisting other club members, Kidzwish and Convoy for Kids.

Sensei Rodney Day is passionate about his craft and has a wonderful way of passing on his knowledge, both Taekidokai and life lessons.  TKMA also arranges club activities outside of training hours that involve team building, self-confidence, games and socialising.

These events are open to all of the club members and their families.  We enjoy all activities at TKMA and we are proud to be associated with such a professional, friendly and passionate club.

The East Family

I’ve been participating in Taekidokai for approximately 6 months now and my son has been participating for about 8 months.

My ten-year-old son is really enjoying it. He’s a little shy and my husband and I have seen his confidence skyrocket since he started. As he walked out of his first ‘grading’ his first words to me were “when do I get to grade next ?”.

So – I decided to try it out a couple of months after my son started.

I tried the women’s class first and one class was all it took for me – I joined up there and then. I am well and truly hooked.

I’ve tried out large gyms, smaller boutique gyms and personal trainers and these places do not compare.

It’s hard to put into words how amazing I feel doing Taekidokai – for me it’s physically and mentally challenging which makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. I know I’ve finally found something that will help me improve my fitness and overall health.

The price is so affordable and you are spoilt for choice with so many classes available weekdays and Saturday.

My son and I do the combined classes together along with the separate classes for seniors, women and juniors.

Sensei, Hanshi, Renshi’s, other teachers and students are so amazingly supportive and encouraging.

I cannot speak highly enough of ‘Taekidokai’. Bring on a black belt!

Simone Sheppard

TKMA has been great for our two kids. Sensei and all the instructors really take the time and effort to teach all the kids the correct techniques.

Also, they teach them respect, manners and self-confidence which not only helps them in their martial arts but in life as well.

Sensei the instructors and all the students are very helpful, always willing to lend a hand, offer advice and make everyone feel very welcome.

I can definitely recommend TKMA as a place of excellent standards and the utmost professionalism and I look forward to our family being involved with them for years to come.

Mark & Elisha Mckenna

If anyone had told me five years ago that I would be grading for a Black Belt in Taekidokai Martial Arts I would have laughed. Not only would I have thought I was too old, but I had not done any form of physical activity since my early twenties.

My personal involvement Taekidokai Martial Arts came about due to trying to be a good role modal for my sons. A good friend suggested we should try TKMA, her son had been training with them for years and he loved it. Actually me getting on the floor was the only way I could get my boys on the floor in that very first lesson.

I remember that first lesson, like it was yesterday. We entered the Dojo excited but a little vary as well, something new is always a little scary. We should not have worried; the instructor welcomed us as soon as we entered, which took all our worries away. We were assured that no one expected us to train like a Black belt, and to just take the class at our own pace and just do the best that we could do. That first lesson lead to many more lessons, getting fitter, getting stronger, passing grading tests and getting new belts.

Over the years my sons found other interests and stopped training, but something remarkable had occurred I was no longer training for them, but for me. I loved it. I love the challenge of learning new techniques and skills.

My learning continues today. I treat every lesson like my first, there is always new things to learn, but instead of being that nervous new student coming through the doors, I am now on the other side welcoming new students and guiding them through their first lesson.

Taekidokai Martial Arts, under Sensei Rodney Day’s gifted leadership, is truly a life-giving experience. It offers fitness, focus and self-discipline – a lifestyle training that benefits me endlessly in my work and home-life.

Importantly though, Taekidokai Martial Arts teaches the positive value of all humanity – to exist peacefully, respectfully and responsibly in our communities. We train our bodies to better fitness, but we need to supplement that with spiritual training to be strong, positive role models and to take these values back into the community for a better world.

Martial Arts, and the Taekidokai Martial Arts family, are now a very important part of my life. My husband and I own our own business and I am a mother of two – I lead a very busy life, yet I can no longer imagine my life without martial arts. It refreshes me, it challenges me, and it is something I can share with my family.

In the last few weeks one of my sons has returned to training, I am so pleased for him because I know what Taekidokai Martial Arts can offer him, I have experienced it and am so glad to be able to share these experiences with him.

When you can’t wait for the next training session, you know you have found a remarkable place!

I can only urge people to take that first step.

Alison Mansell

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