The most common question we get asked is ‘Do I need to be fit to do martial arts?’. The answer is no, martial arts will make you fit! You’ll learn new skills and develop yourself mentally and physically and getting fit is just a great side effect. If fitness is your goal, you’ll find it’s an effective way to improve your physical fitness without worrying about losing motivation.

Martial arts is so much more than fitness though. You’ll improve your balance and flexibility. You’ll also develop much better concentration and co-ordination and your confidence will go up. It’s about doing something for yourself to make you feel like a better person.

New students are welcome all the time. Classes will have a mix of beginners and more advanced students, each doing your own particular level of techniques. We follow a graded system, you’ll start as a white belt and learn the basic techniques you need to progress. Each new grade is a goal and you’ll soon find that this gives you a lot of motivation to come to class, to learn new things, practice the things you’ve learnt and to get that next grade!

The best way is to try it out and see how you like it. There’s no obligation and no need to book in. Just turn up at your nearest class and join in. We won’t lock you into contracts or expect large upfront term fees, just pay as you go and only for the lessons you attend.

Get started with your first Taekidokai class today!

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